Benefits to Your Community

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Cartooning images or stories has been done for hundreds of years for not only entertainment but to implant an image in the mind.
Virtually everyone has a favorite cartoon figure.Caricature cartoon maps
create that favorable mindset with most people, who enjoy the fun and sometimes the kidding that comes with the map image.
They make great logos at a small fraction of cost and time that most advertising or creative agencies would charge and the process is by nature more personal and insightful because of Mr. Map’s interviewing process.
Even more important is the depiction of a community with a sense of cohesiveness and love.Most smaller towns are great candidates for a Mr. Map and if a town’s story is worth telling, Mr. Map usually has some editorial room to relate that story, such as the historical vignettes found in the Tricentennial Map of Natchitoches or the incredible school district story of Zachary public schools.
Maybe your community has a story to tell and needs visitors and natives alike to read it.By providing thousands  of high-quality, four color maps to each market, thousands can read the story and by displaying the map on a wall, thousands of patrons can also read the story as well.